Warm-water Therapy Pools Edit Temperature-controlled Warm-water Therapy Pools Are Used To Perform Aquatic Bodywork.

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Ellis Ave., Friday, May 19. – Marc Monaghan University of Chicago (U. of C.) students under UChicago United, a coalition of multi-cultural organizations at U. of C., made public today, Friday, May 19, their demands for the university to create an inclusive environment for minority students at U. of C. “The university claims that it’s dedicated to diversity and inclusion, but time and time again there are racist and discriminatory things that happen on this campus that aren’t properly addressed said second-year student, and a member of the Organization of Black Students, Qudsiyyah Shariyf. “People are continually pushed aside and not included in discussions about their safety and well-being on this campus. We are demanding to be a part of those conversations and to have a say in the changes that we want to see made.” About 40 students gathered outside Edward Levi Hall, 5801 S. Ellis Ave., on a chilly and windy Friday afternoon for the rally. Specific demands from the group are calling on the university to formally recognize all Greek organizations active on the U.

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